Why I Became a Black Feminist

Black woman

I am a Black feminist. I do not think women should burn their bras. I don’t like the idea of women growing their hair under their arms. I am not into women who box but I am okay if women enjoy doing all these things.   I am a different type of feminist. I am […]

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America Should Be Banning Football

Banning Football

On the surface Lebron, Obama and Gladwell have little in common. They all have at least one Black parent but the buck seems to stop there. Two have written books. Two enjoy basketball. But one thread that these men all share is that they would not let their children play football. Banning football has been […]

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Parents: Stop Spanking Black Kids

Black Kids

Stop spanking Black kids. Some stereotypes are out of date, some are false and others stick because they are true. Black families are much more likely to beat their children than non Black families. Why do Black people beat their kids in such high frequencies? Most pro beaters will say that Black people need to […]

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4 Ways How to Love Your Work if Your Job Sucks

My Job Sucks

Your job sucks. You are not alone. Jobs can suck for various reasons. Some jobs suck because they pay too little, require too many hours, offer no healthcare, are governed by terrible bosses or dozens of other reasons. Maybe a combination of a few of the aforementioned problems. The sad reality is that millions of […]

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5 Tax Deductions for DJs

Tax Deductions for DJs

Tax deductions for DJs seem to be seldom talked about online even though they can save DJs thousands on their taxes. The DJ is an essential to American life. DJing has moved from a two turn tables and a mic to multimillionaires on Forbes. Sporting events, clubs, retirement parties, weddings, barbeques, radio and block parties […]

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4 Tips for Single Fathers

Tips for Single Black Fathers

The relationship is over with your child’s mother; maybe you never had one with her from the start. That matters little now. At this point, the best you can do is to work on becoming the greatest single father you can. Single fathers can catch a great deal of denunciation from the media. Most single […]

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