Beyonce is a Role Model for Black Girls

Beyonce is a role model

Beyonce is a role model for young Black girls. White America, Black America and many people in between have shared hateful words for Beyonce. Truth be told she is a role model for Black girls in America. Here a few reasons why.


She married a Black man. Marrying your own race does not make anyone better or worse than another person but it is something to admire. A multimillionaire before she ever married Jay-Z she could have chose any man to date. With many other Black women having children or marrying men out of their race, Beyonce could have chose this same path. She told American that as powerful as she is, she still found a Black man to match her status and drive. She went a step further and told women to not bother with men who string them along and instead told them to, “put a ring on it.”


She married a man with money but she also had her own money. She ditched the old standard of wealth for women which was to simply marry a rich man. To add to her empowerment she did not take the path of becoming a sex vixen in her albums. Instead most of her singles were clean and she only chose to sing about sexuality after she was married. Am I saying that these songs should be considered kid friendly, no.


The fact that she is married is also a monument for many Black women. Black women are the least likely of all races to be married. Because Beyonce proved that she could be powerful, rich, famous and married bucks the stereotypes. She did not have to choose between her carer and family, she chose to have both.


Beyonce as of lately has also taken on social injustices. In the past she may have been mute about some inequalities for Blacks but her single Formation takes on some of the problems in the community of color. Her lyrics in this song may not be as prolific as the video which does touch on the Katrina catastrophe.


Having a child after rings are exchanged is becoming less and less popular. Once shunned, now it is commonplace to see children of the bridge and groom at weddings. Old nursery rhymes of love, marriage and then a baby carriage seem defunct. Beyonce kept with the old tradition. Young women and girls saw a Black lady who did not want to be a baby mother.


On your average television show or reality TV show you will see young Black women who have children and cannot commit to a marriage. This is true to life, as many women are forced to raise children in a one parent household but this is not what young girls should be aiming for. Just like many young men chose a life of drug dealing and crime because of their circumstances this is not what young men should be aiming for.


Photo credit to Louise Lavalle

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