6 Ways to Find Time to Exercise

Finding Time to Exercise

“I do not have time”

“I just saw a fat man get hit by a bus”

“I will start next month”

These are the lines I hear all the time when people are talking about why they do not exercise. Exercise is essential to keep your body working at optimal levels. Picture a train not moving for years and expecting it to zoom from New York to Washington D.C. with no problem. It wont happen. Just like The Tin Man needed oil, your body needs exercise.

We feel better about ourselves when we exercise. We look better and we treat others better. Do not fall victim to the idea that you do not have time to work out or be active. Your goal might not be to look like Michael B. Jordan or The Rock but you should be aiming to be more active.

Try these options if you are always out of time when it comes to fitness:

Turn the TV off

I love Empire and American Horror Story as much as anybody else but there comes a time when you need to turn the television off and just work out. Most hit television shows are about 30-60 minutes in length. That is plenty of time to break a good sweat. Instead of catching up on the latest wives show or dance reality show, work out. If you just have to watch television, watch it at the gym while working out.

Wake Up Earlier

Sometimes the snooze button is hampering us more than we know. Instead of waking up your usual time, try waking up 30 minutes earlier in order to work out. Go for a run, lift some weights or just go for a bike ride. Waking up earlier and exercising also creates a great mood for the day. You are able to have a positive outlook on all the problems that come your way because you have already made it over one hurdle before you even have started your work day.

Workout at Home

When you first start working out, exercise can be intimating at gyms. Many times they are full of men and women grunting and sweating. They are filled with mirrors that may not reflect the person you would like to see at the current time. It is easy to become furtive when you see people running at full speed and doing more reps in ten minutes than you have ever done in your life. The alternative is working out at home. Bypass the intimidation and pull up a workout plan on your television. Many cable companies have free workouts right on demand.

Skip the Lunch

Work out during your lunch break. If you have an hour lunch break, just go for a fruit or vegetable lunch instead of fries and a burger and work out for the rest of the time. If your job is close to a gym, then join it and work out during your breaks. If you are close to a park or track, bring your workout clothes and run for thirty minutes. Not only will you be able to burn calories, you will be gaining energy that is natural instead of having to grab an energy drink. Working out during your lunch break will also save you money if you are skipping going out for lunch every day.

Gym Childcare

Join a gym with childcare. Many times our children keep parents from working out. Pretty soon that pre-parent body is gone, for both sexes. Check out the childcare like and go for a gym that offers responsible and safe childcare for your child. Once you find one, stick to a routine. Most children enjoy a routine and after a while will even look forward to going to the gym.

Work Out with Friends instead of Calling Them

Phone calls pick us up. They cheer us up. We love hearing from a friend, loved one or family member. The problem is seeing people in person is even better than a phone call. Instead of calling your friend or family member work out with them. If they cannot work out every day that you would like to exercise than add multiple people to your workout plans. Maybe Sunday you jog with your sister, Tuesday is spin class with your mother and Thursday is biking with your cousin. You get my point.

Work out with your Lover

Working out with your significant other has many benefits. It adds another line of communication. There are many conversations that may come up while working out that may not be brought up during the usual line of events of they day. It also gives us a reason to work out. When one mateĀ  is getting in shape, it motivates the other mate. Working out together may also boost your sex drive. All the energy and sweat that goes into working out may boost your lover’s mood as well.

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